Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas Nail Art: Snow Flurries

Good Evening! Or afternoon. Or morning. Whichever it is at the current moment.

Today I am sharing a winter-y/Christmas-y/Holidays-y nail art with you starring my hand blended sheer blue nail polish. I'm cheap. I'll tell you straight out. I get buyer's guilt when I purchase polishes more than $9 more often than not. While I wanted the OPI Color Paints line pretty damn badly, I couldn't justify spending nearly $10 a bottle for the whole collection. So, I took the DIY route and bought several bottles of clear nail polish to make my own sheer jellies. This, obviously, is my blue one. I made a pink, a green, a purple and a yellow but the yellow failed miserably. It is now in the trash.

Now, let's talk about this!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Green Polish Swatchfest

Hello, hello!

So...the plan was to get this post out before the end of October, because October is Depression Awareness Month. That clearly didn't happen. Whoops! I got lazy. Really lazy, clearly. For those unaware, the colour of the Depression Awareness ribbon is green, and I do have a fondness for green. Green and purple are my two favourite colours. But I digress. Since I suffer from depression, green is an important colour for me on top of me just liking it, and October's awareness campaign is equally important. Too bad it's November now, right?

I decided to go through my stash of polish since I don't own any of a full collection and go through by colour to do several swatchfests. The first one is green, and I have twelve green polishes total. For now. That'll more than likely change in the future. Let's get on with the swatches!

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bloody Stitches Halloween Nail Art

 So, I've been reading way too many horror manga recently. I have no idea why, but it's just something I've been drawn to doing. It's been a mistake for a lot of them. However, Tokyo Ghoul isn't that bad. One of the characters stitches red thread all through his skin as a form of body modification and that inspired me to do something kinda gory and stitches related. I've never done something like this before, and not in this amount of detail, either.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Twelve + 1 Nail Things I Can't Live Without

Welcome to my blog, everyone! I'm Lynni, a.k.a The Nail Polish Panda. I'm a big nail junkie when it comes to polishes and nail art, and I decided to share that with other people in a blog format. What could go wrong, right? Maybe? Ahem.

Anyway... For my first post, I thought a good start would be twelve nail things I can't live without, plus one bonus extra. These are the things I'm finding myself to be in a tizzy over if I run low on or run out of. Being in a tizzy sucks, so I need to make sure I have a full supply of everything that I adore. I think that's a good idea, no? Let's get started.